YouTube Censorship 2019 – What THEY Don’t Want You to Know

YOUTUBE CENSORSHIP 2019 – WHAT THEY DON’T WANT YOU TO KNOW // A lot of people tell me “YouTube censorship makes no sense! YouTube censorship is out of control!” In this video, I discuss the new YouTube fact checking feature called YouTube Information Cards. This is Youtube censorship 2019. This censorship comes in the form of Information Panels and Information Cues — it’s YouTube new policy — that appear whenever you search a controversial subject. Last week, when YouTube bans comments, some say YouTube bans free speech, but with this new YouTube fact check policy, it is the hope of YouTube, that conspiracy theories will be reduced and the YouTube hoax will be a thing of the past. YouTube fact checking does seem like a good idea — just not at the price of YouTube comment censorship. We need to be stop youtube censorship, but balance this with truthful content through the YouTube fact check.

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