Livestreamers Are Everywhere

The number of daily livestreamers is undergoing a period of explosive growth compared to previous years.


Broadcasting Tools Are All Over The Place

  • Periscope supports up to three audio-only guests in a livestream. Audio quality varied and the application often crashes.
  • Hosting multiple video guests requires desktop software + video conferencing software. This requires streamers to be technically adept: most are not.
  • Resteam.io allows you to multicast to different platforms from a single desktop application, using multiple chat windows simultaneously. How can a streamer monitor/ interact with the multiple chats simultaneously?
  • This is cumbersome, stressful and frustrating – and shows know consideration for the broadcaster – and that’s not the worst of it…


…And a handful of companies monopolize and control the conversation

  • People are being arbitrarily censored, de-platformed or demonetized by Periscope/Twitter, Twitch/Amazon, Facebook Live, YouTube/Google without  notice or recourse.
  • Apple and Google use their monopolistic powers to keep competitors or entities who don’t conform to their speech codes out of their app stores.
  • AI and false actors have become so realistic that fake news is about to become the least of our problems. Computer-generatedAIctors or DeepPhakes are a significant threat to true free speech – and existing platforms have no incentive to distinguish between real and Phake.


The Consequences are Multifold…

  • There are no video platforms that certify that the likenesses and voices that we see and hear are human and unaltered
  • There are no platforms available to those who do not conform to the tech giants’ code of ideal speech, leaving no place for open discourse
  • Content creators who depend on these platforms for their livelihoods are cut off or find their content demonetized, often arbitrarily, and without recourse, which adds to broadcasters’ stress


The Solution is Xykast: The Tools Video Streamers Want, The Platform They Need

Easy to use video broadcaster tools. No programming skills necessary

  • Xykast Integrated Multistream Chat: One chat window combining audience comments from the different platforms,
  • Xykast Broadcaster Controls: Crowd control functions like blocking the viewer, putting a viewer in a timeout or giving a viewer moderator privileges.
  • Xykast GreenScreens: Easy to incorporate backgrounds for the video broadcaster.

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